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At Beaufort Dog, we have the privilege to take care of your dogs and really get to know each of you.  I recently received a  testimonial from Beth Runyan, who is the proud owner of two dogs named Ziggy and Cookie who attend Beaufort Dog on a regular basis.  Beth is a loyal Beaufort Dog customer and has become a wonderful friend to us.  We truly appreciate her as we do all of you who give us the opportunity to be a part of your family!


Thank goodness for Beaufort Dog! Living with two high strung Italian Greyhounds would be difficult, if they were not able to play at Beaufort Dog at least twice a week! Five years ago, Ziggy had obedience training with Kelley and has been a continuous “client” since. Cookie came two years later and immediately became a member of the Beaufort Dog family.

Cookie and Ziggy love to go to “school” and get very excited as we pass the curve on Carteret, barking, wiggling, and generally making it difficult to drive! Besides the fact that our dogs come home exhausted, hungry and ready for bed, we love Beaufort Dog because Kelley and Jason have always treated my dogs as one of their own; and, as their business has grown, Becca, Michael and now the new Kelly also treat them with respect and love.

Thank you Beaufort Dog for helping Cookie and Ziggy stay healthy and happy and for helping us keep our sanity!

Beth and Alan Runyan


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