Our Hurricane Evacuation Policy:
We are very concerned with the safety of pets everyday, but with the stress and safety concerns during this time of year, we are especially on high alert. Our policy on dog evacuation and closing during a hurricane is as follows:

We would much rather your dog be with you in this stressful situation, so in the event of a voluntary evacuation, we will stop taking reservations and call any owner whose dog is currently boarding or scheduled to board during this time. The owner will be expected to come pick up his or her dog(s).

We do not condone boarding any animal in an evacuation area. If the military is evacuated from Beaufort, we will evacuate as well. We will not leave any dogs or employees in danger. That means if your dog is in our care during an evacuation, we assume the right to take them to the evacuation location of our choice (we will always go with them and stay the entire time). You will be charged accordingly.

Day Care and Grooming will be closed in the event of a voluntary evacuation and will only resume when our staff are back in town and the facilities are inspected for safety.

We are happy to answer any other questions about our day to day security and safety policies.

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Lobby hours for pick-up and drop-off are: Monday-Friday: 8 am – 6 pm Saturday: 9 am – 6 pm Sunday: 5 pm-5:30 pm.

We are closed on major holidays for pickup and drop off.  Your dog(s) will be taken care of on those days, but please plan accordingly.

* When boarding your dog(s) with us, we suggest keeping your dog(s) on his or her normal diet.  We encourage owners to measure out feedings and put in ziploc bags with names on the main tote.  However, we do carry a house food at a cost of $ 2.00 a day. In order to board your dog(s), you will need to click the MAKE A RESERVATION button below and fill out our reservation form.

Note: You only need to utilize the boarding feature when you click the button below.  Daycare is included for Boarding dogs.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Or Call Us: (843) 812-5394