We are the best choice in boarding because dogs are in play groups all day! By lights out, they are exhausted and happy!

Prices are by night:

  • One Dog $52
  • Two Dogs $99
  • Three Dogs $147
  • Four Dogs $200

Long term boarding? Price for first ten nights is same as above.  However, starting with the eleventh night, it drops in half from those rates.

Holiday Boarding Rates

  • 1 Dog $62
  • 2 Dogs $110
  • 3 Dogs $165
  • 4 Dogs $220

For more information and to secure your dog(s) a spot, go to our boarding page -> Beaufort Dog Boarding

Day Care

Our invaluable day care is $25 a day. Daycare is recommended not only when you can not care for your dog all day, but for certain training issues and socialization. Remember, a happy dog lives longer and stays healthier.

Monthly Day Care Rates:

  • 1 x a week $90
  • 2 x a week $180
  • 3 x a week $270
  • 4 x a week $350
  • 5 x a week $400 plus a free grooming! BEST VALUE

For more information and to secure your dog(s) a spot, go to our day care page -> Beaufort Doggy Day Care


All grooming prices are only estimates. Each coat type, condition, and dog’s temperament and weight are a factor in price.

Prices generally range from $50 up depending upon the breed and requirements.

Call us at 843-812-5394 to set up an appointment or ask any questions.

Dog Sitting

  • $30 per visit. $2 for each additional pet  An additional $5 per visit will be added should your home be over 15 miles from Beaufort Dog.  If your home is 20 miles or further from Beaufort Dog, please call to discuss the possibilities.

It is a privilege to watch your pets. We are honored that you chose us and pledge to give the best of care.

Call us at 843-812-5394 to set up an appointment.


  • Basic and Advanced Group Classes: meets once a week for six weeks. MOST RECOMMENDED for best long term effects with commands around “real world” distraction. $295 for all six weeks.
  • Private Session: recommended for aggressive dogs or humans with time restraints. $75/session at Beaufort Dog.  $85/session at your home.
  • Boot Camp: Training while boarding. Recommended for people with very difficult schedules who can not make it to class. This type of training takes a lot of at-home reinforcement after the fact. The owner is responsible for all follow-up.  For more information and to secure your dog(s) a spot, go to our training page -> Beaufort Dog Training
  • Notice: Prices are subject to change at any time for all services.