Thanks Beaufort Dog

“Jack and I have successfully moved out to Colorado and we are absolutely loving it. However, the one thing it seems to lack is a nice dog daycare! My sister watches Jack and Mason (his younger brother) during the day, but in hopes to give her a break one day a week, I went on a search for a new play place. After stopping at 5 different daycares, each with their own issues (one had over 200 dogs barking their heads off with no supervision, one only allowed them to play 1 hour at a time, one used shock collars on all barking dogs, etc…), we have concluded that Beaufort Dog set a very high standard of care and we truly miss you and your staff. Emma and Michael were absolutely wonderful to Jack, and I never truly thanked you enough for all that you did for us. So thank you again for being so wonderful and providing such a warm and caring service. Beaufort is extremely lucky to have you!”

Laura Blood

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