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“I just wanted to express how delighted I was with your business. My schnauzer, Hilde, had NEVER been away from me like that before. I had come to town to watch my nephew graduate from the Marine Corp. Honestly, like a typical helicopter parent, I was worried my “little darlin” would be a pain…full of anxiety and angst. But it was just the opposite. She looked so happy when I picked her up! Thanks for making the trip a great one. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs them! Thanks for taking such good care of my baby girl!”

Shelly Woolum


The high-spot of Bonnie’s week is the day she spends with her pals at Beaufort Dog. She has been coming here for the past three years and loves every minute! When she comes home from her busy play day, she is tired out and ready for another visit. We adore Beaufort Dog and all the people who work there, it is a great asset to Beaufort and all their loving dog owners.

Thanks Beaufort Dog,

Bonnie, (owner of Diane and Gerry Kenny)

Roxy is 9 years old but don’t be fooled she still has as much energy as a 4 year old. Very hyper when at home all day with no one to play with. She loves attention and rubs from humans. She loves bike rides around the neighborhood and car rides too! When she goes to (Beaufort Dog) day car she’s a happy clam and when she gets home she’s exhausted which is wonderful.

Deborah Blades


I have noticed significant improvement in Scooter’s socialization! The folks at Beaufort Dog are great…professional and caring. They really love the dogs and it shows!!

Mary Sommerville




I started bringing my two sighthounds, Toby and Tempe to Beaufort Dog after I started the obedience classes with Tempe. She was a new puppy and had loads of energy. I was working and didn’t want her unsupervised all day. I brought Toby, my 10 year old Borzoi, along just so she would see a familiar face. I knew Tempe would love being around the other dogs but wasn’t sure that Toby would adapt but he loved it! Now when I say “let’s go to school” ( I am a guidance counselor at a middle school) both Toby and Tempe run to the door and wait for me!! Going “to school” at Beaufort Dog has done wonders for both Toby and Tempe. Toby is getting more exercise and Tempe is able to run off some of her “puppy energy”. They both come home tired and happy!

Dee Black

I have been sending Clarice to doggy day care for the last 6 months.  Clarice is a rescue Pom-mix, who was battered and starved before I adopted her.  Rebecca, a staff member who is also a teacher for the obedience classes, has been extraordinary in her commitment to help me provide this cute little dog a safe and loving environment, and to teach Clarice that humans are safe to interact with.  Rebecca has demonstrated an unending amount of patience toward Clarice, through respecting Clarice’s fears and requiring Clarice to adopt appropriate social behaviors.  Actually, I don’t know what I would have done without her.

Kelley has created an atmosphere at Beaufort Dog that not only cares for dogs, but also us Humans who have not been ‘dog people’.  I’ve asked questions and everyone there is more than willing to answer anything they can.

We, in Beaufort, are so very fortunate to have this place.  GO DOGS!

Regena Cooper

Thank goodness for Beaufort Dog! Living with two high strung Italian Greyhounds would be difficult, if they were not able to play at Beaufort Dog at least twice a week! Five years ago, Ziggy had obedience training with Kelley and has been a continuous “client” since. Cookie came two years later and immediately became a member of the Beaufort Dog family.

Cookie and Ziggy love to go to “school” and get very excited as we pass the curve on Carteret, barking, wiggling, and generally making it difficult to drive! Besides the fact that our dogs come home exhausted, hungry and ready for bed, we love Beaufort Dog because Kelley and Jason have always treated my dogs as one of their own; and, as their business has grown, Becca, Michael and now the new Kelly also treat them with respect and love.

Thank you Beaufort Dog for helping Cookie and Ziggy stay healthy and happy and for helping us keep our sanity!

Beth and Alan Runyan

Sammie tired from dog day care

When we first got Sammie from the shelter it was a difficult transition for both of us.  He was a high energy puppy and we could never seem to get him calmed down or even tired.  I would come home from work and all Sammie wanted to do was play, which I was happy to do, but only had so much time.  Sammie has always been fine around other dogs, just wanting to play.  Once we started taking Sammie to Beaufort Dog twice a week for day care he “matured” so much.  Now he comes home exhausted but very content, as evidenced by the attached picture.  Sammie has shed those extra pounds he used to carry and looks great!  When I take Sammie to BD he gets so excited when we pass the boat dealership because he knows where he’s headed.  Being social animals it great to see all the different breeds playing and getting along so well.  When we walk Sammie in the neighborhood he just ignores the barking dogs behind the fences.  They all know that you are the pack leader.

Thanks for being there for all of us,
Mike, Frances & Sammie

Bella, our five month old maltese puppy has been a regular day care attendee at Beaufort Dog since she was six weeks old. As a teacher and mother with a very busy schedule, Beaufort Dog was the answer to my prayers. Bella is learning to socialize with other dogs and people and gets the best care in a loving and fun environment! Beaufort Dog is a one-stop doggie haven with supervised play, grooming, snacks and love. Bella gets groomed (Michael is a wonder!!), clothed and fed. I buy all of my supplies there as I pick her up: clothes, leashes, collars, quality dog food. I even purchased a life vest for the boat this summer!

I have known Jason and Kelley for a number of years and when I made the decision to add a new puppy to our family, I knew that I would trust noone else with my new baby. Bella agrees with me. She loves her family at Beaufort Dog!! She gets very excited when we pull into the driveway in the morning and as I put her in the crate, she gives two yips to announce her arrival to her friends inside. When I return that evening I find her soundly sleeping, exhausted from a hard day of playing and primping.

Just one little problem with all of the love and attention from Beaufort Dog – Bella has become a bit of diva!!! She constantly hears what a good dog she is and how wonderful she is. She certainly wouldn’t hear that at home by herself in a crate all day. Don’t worry, I have plans to put her in her place. Beaufort Dog also offers obedience classes. What a relief!!!

I got Bam-Bam a month before I moved to Beaufort. I knew a time would come when I’d have to get a job, but when it finally did I was not prepared to leave my baby at home. I had researched Beaufort Dog before as a training possibility, so I decided to look into doggy daycare. I thought it might not be a possibility, that it would be too expensive, or that it would be a bunch of small, pampered pooches that my giant, gangly mastiff puppy wouldn’t fit in with. Boy was I surprised! Not only is it affordable—so much that even regular folks can afford it—Bam-Bam loves going! He goes three days a week, and those three days he follows me around all morning and rushes for the car as I open the door to leave. He has gotten lots of great socialization that many dogs miss out on (and is so important when owning a dog with the potential to reach 200+lbs), and he comes home and sleeps like a baby. We also just finished up Advanced Obedience at Beaufort Dog, and as a result, at 7 months old passed the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test. That in and of itself is a true feat! I simply cannot say enough good things about Beaufort Dog!

If you’d like to see Bam Bam after a long day at Beaufort Dog:

Click Here

Sam is my 2yr old black lab who has been trained in the Basic, Advanced, and Agility classes at Beaufort Dog. Sam came to me as an answer to prayer about a year ago. He is gentle but also smart and highly energetic so getting him into training was important if we were to work together because I have a physical challenge that requires the use of a service dog.

I think when the phrase, “dumb as a dog” was coined they were talking about people who have never been to dog training with their dog. At first training meant simply, ‘teaching the dog obedience’, but in reality it has been a multifaceted experience: learning how to react, being consistent, using proper language both vocal and body, and having fun together without getting frustrated. I know my dog only wants to please me but being able to communicate so its reciprocated is the tricky part. And now with this training we have accomplished that – my requests are met and his desire to please is satisfied.

One of the most important aspects that I’ve found useful with training is confidence building, not only with the dog, but also with myself. We have continued with several consecutive training regimens because we see so many positive results from each. It’s also true that training has to be life long to some extent. Also giving him time to socialize with other dogs is equally as important.

Sam is by my side wherever I go, working. Sam loves working and serving me to make my life better and easier. Its a win win situation. Thank you Beaufort Dog.

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