Meet Rebecca

Rebecca and Bam Bam

Rebecca got her start in dogs at a young age, growing up with beagles, german shepherds, labs, and golden retrievers. While she always had a passion for animals, she went on to college to earn her Bachelors degree in Human Services. It was during her senior internship that Rebecca took a special interest in dogs again. During her internship in social services at a nursing home, Rebecca was able to bring her family golden retriever to be used as a therapy dog and for animal assisted activities. Not only was Rebecca fascinated with the miracle of of the presence of an animal in a persons life, but she became passionate about using animals—particularly dogs—as a therapeutic aide. With these goals in mind, she got Bam-Bam, an English mastiff who is in training to be a therapy dog. Rebecca currently resides in Beaufort with her husband, Ivan, a U.S. Marine, and they are bringing home a new mastiff puppy soon! She is excited to be able to cultivate her passion for dogs and to learn more while working at Beaufort Dog.