Beaufort Dog Testimonial from Bam-Bam

When we receive kind words like the ones below, it makes us so grateful to be a part of you and your dogs lives. Thanks to all of you!

Bam-Bam loves Beaufort Dog

I got Bam-Bam in July, and my husband and I moved to Beaufort in August. I knew a time would come when I’d have to get a job, but when it finally did I was not prepared to leave my baby at home. I had researched Beaufort Dog before as a training possibility, so I decided to look into doggy daycare. I thought it might not be a possibility, that it would be too expensive, or that it would be a bunch of small, pampered pooches that my giant, gangly mastiff puppy wouldn’t fit in with. Boy was I surprised! Not only is it affordable—so much that even regular folks can afford it—Bam-Bam loves going! He goes three days a week, and those three days he follows me around all morning and rushes for the car as I open the door to leave. He has gotten lots of great socialization that many dogs miss out on (and is so important when owning a dog with the potential to reach 200+lbs), and he comes home and sleeps like a baby. We also just finished up Advanced Obedience at Beaufort Dog, and as a result, at 7 months old passed the AKC Canine Good Citizenship test. That in and of itself is a true feat! I simply cannot say enough good things about Beaufort Dog!

If you’d like to see Bam Bam after a long day at Beaufort Dog:

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