by on October 15, 2008

Beaufort Dog offers the best dog grooming to Beaufort and the surrounding areas.  Bring them early and leave them late so that they may enjoy our doggie day care during their stay.  Call us at (843) 812-5394 to set up an appointment or use the form below.

  • If your dog is a mixed breed, please give us your best description. Thanks :)
    * For cost please visit Prices
  • Feel free to upload an image of your dog and how you want the dog to look.

    This is not required. We just want to give you the ability to share if you feel it would be helpful to us.

    If not, please have your vet fax them to us at 1-206-333-1909. You may also bring us a copy or use the file upload below. It is required that we have your dog's latest vaccinations. (Specifically Rabies and Bordatella)
  • You may use this button to upload your dog's vaccination records. Other options include having your vet fax them to 1-206-333-1909 or bringing us a copy.
  • * You will receive a call shortly to confirm your dog's groom or to make other arrangements if there is no availability on your requested day.



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